From the sister monasteries at Sanahin and Haghpat, UNESCO World Heritage sites, to the fortress monasteries of Akhtala and Kobayr, the village of Odzun and the town of Alaverdi, we have guided tours for every interest. 

The sister Medieval monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat are an absolute “must see” during your visit to Armenia.

HAGHPAT MONASTERY is the most picturesque UNESCO World Heritage site in Armenia.
In perfect harmony with its surroundings, you will not be disappointed. But it is not just its beauty that makes it special; hear about the unique architecture including the unusual gavit, the defence of the monastery, the financing of the buildings and its role for the local community during Medieval times.
Haghpat also had a significant influence in Armenian culture including the creation of the Haghpat Gospel and the life and music of Sayat Nova, the Bard of Armenia and also a priest at the monastery.

A small regional town with a big history

Alaverdi is a town with a long and colourful history, located on the River Debed and on the main route from Yerevan to Tbilisi. This is an opportunity to see real life in a regional Armenian town, how it has been influenced by the past and how the locals see the future.

This region of the Caucasus has been famous for its copper since the Bronze Age and Armenia known for its pure copper for over 3000 years. The town’s appearance has been greatly influenced by its copper factory founded over 250 years ago and which was one of the most important metal factories in the Soviet Union.
We strongly recommend a visit to the town; stroll through the central market and Soviet town centre, past the copper factory and ending at the beautiful medieval Sanahin Bridge, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site.
Visit SANAHIN MONASTERY and learn about the reasons behind its beautiful architecture, the history of the Age, medieval daily life and the reasons why Armenia was at the forefront of scientific knowledge and literature a thousand years ago.

See the magnificent book depository, sit in the place of ancient scholars and admire the wonderful Sanahin manuscripts. Alaverdi Guides have worked closely with the National Matenadaran to have access to some of these great books and bring them back to life in their original home.
Both monasteries were started under the Bagratuni dynasty, the third and last great Armenian dynasty to rule over current day Armenia and their success followed that of the royal family.
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History and nature in perfect harmony

A medieval gem off the beaten track

Odzun with its long and rich history is located in a beautiful rural setting, surrounded by flower meadows and avenues of trees; it is the location of one of the oldest churches in Armenia and offers an impressive untouched environment.  Locals have many mystical legends to tell, that will leave you feeling blessed after visiting this amazing place.

Odzun Church is not only a remarkable church, whose development spans a millennia, from the 5th to 18th centuries, it contains one of the oldest known statues of Mary and Christ and in the grounds stands the “Victory monument”, a unique symbol of early Christianity and special as one of the few structures of its type now existing in the world.
Local food is highly recommended, to be enjoyed in the beautiful surroundings, and outdoor Armenian barbecues can be arranged on request.
Kobayr is often overlooked but well worth the visit. A combination of clever fortifications, designed in sympathy with its mountain setting, and buildings including the restored bell tower with wonderful views of the Debed valley and the ruins of the main church, with colourful frescoes that are a stunning sight to behold.

The monastery is one of several remarkable architectural complexes of medieval times, the history of which is directly connected with one of the great Armenian Royal families. A younger sister to the great monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat, it still had great importance during the 12th and 13th Centuries.
It is not possible to reach the complex directly by road, so be prepared for a short hike. There is an uphill trek through the small village of Kobayr to reach the monastery complex, taking approximately 20 minutes. Often overlooked, we highly recommend a visit to this beautiful and isolated fortress and monastery. A tour is available to show you the route and explain the buildings, fortifications and history of this secret place, and its legends including Kobayr’s very own “Romeo and Juliet”.

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These are truly special places with incredible stories to tell and they need to be told with passion and love; please use a local guide and you will not be disappointed.

something completely different!
a step back to the Soviet past of Armenia

on the edge of Armenia

Ahktala monastery fortress is truly unique. Near the country’s border, it has been influenced by the turbulent nature of Armenian history with its many invasions, but still maintains its very strong Armenian identity.
The medieval fortress monastery looks like no other, undoubtedly Armenian but with elements of Byzantium, Georgian and Greek influences. The main church contains the most remarkable series of frescoes.
Learn who invaded and how the village survived these attacks throughout the centuries. With tales of miracles and secret rooms, Kings and Queens and a copper foundry, Ahktala offers a very different experience from other locations you may visit in Armenia.  
A new visitor centre has opened in Ahktala with a cafe offering freshly baked food and locally made souvenirs. The NURIK centre offers a place to sit, enjoy local hospitality and wonderful views, and support the local community as the centre promotes the employment of women and locals with disabilities.
We see influences of the Soviet Union on our travels through Armenia, but it is part of Armenia’s history that is rarely talked about and often ignored. The Soviet Union left its mark with the concrete tower blocks we see in the regional industrialised towns, but did you know that Armenia had a great influence on the Soviet Union.
Two remarkable Armenian brothers you have probably never heard of, born in the small village of Sanahin, who changed not just the Soviet Union, but affected the history of the world. Let us introduce you to Anastas and Artem Mikoyan and be prepared to be astonished.

ANASTAS MIKOYAN was not just a politician from Stalin to Brezhnev but so much more. One of the longest serving members of the Soviet Politburo, from the early Stalin years through to Brezhnev. His life and career were extraordinary and never fail to surprise our visitors.

ARTEM MIKOYAN was the creative genius: designer of MIG fighter jets. He saw his first airplane when one made an emergency landing near Sanahin during his childhood and his love of aircraft started that day. Even if you’re not interested in fighter jets, you will find the creativity and designs of the MIG jets fascinating.

The cost of our  tours are dependent upon the number of individuals in the group and duration. Prices start from AMD3,000 (approx €6).
Combinations of tours and hikes are also available at a discount. Please contact us for details.
We will be happy to advise on and arrange local transport for you, but you will be expected to pay the cost of the transport.

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