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we are no 1 of the "Things to do" in Alaverdi for "Trip Advisor" 2018

Laura Conrow, USA - 07.07.2016
"We had an absolutely FABULOUS time on our hike!!!! My two teenage daughters and my niece (in her 20's) thought this was the best thing they did on our whole 3 week trip to Armenia! I feel the same! .... We can't wait to go hiking again in Lori next summer."

Charles Ho, Hong Kong - 01.06.2018

Wojtek Mania, Poland - 31.05. 2018

Zabele, Canada-26.09.2017

"Fall in love with Alaverdi, also the super friendly guides"
Our guides were Davit and Lusine. They are so friendly, energetic and passionate; letting us know more about the monastery architecture, Armenian culture and history. We chatted a lot during the hike, shared the culture, hobbies and daily living in different countries... It is the most wonderful trip in Armenia and an unforgettable one.
Appreciated the local community and its energy demonstrated by the Alaverdi youth; the tour was so brilliant with substantial information provided.

"Special guides in unusual town"
Totally recommended. Contact them, meet them, and learn about Alaverdi. I took a city tours and learned about towns' history and what's going on here today (and sometimes it's tough).
Alaverdi guides are authentic, professional, they speak very good English and they are really hospitable too. They are not only tourist guides but also local activists so meeting them will be a chance to ask about their activities and support them.

"Great Experience"
The guided hike from Odzun to Kobayr was wonderful, we highly recommend it. The Mikonian brothers museum was so interesting and definitely worth the visit. All in all it was probably the best experience we had so far in Armenia.

Leonoor, UK -15.10.2017

"Delightful hike and monasteries tour"
Unique experience of sustainable tourism with local impact. The guides speak impeccable English and are very knowledgeable and well prepared. Good presentation skills and friendly to talk to. I very much enjoyed the intercultural exchange and the English Club is a wonderful way to engage and activate the local community in Looking Forward to a future in sustainable tourism. Very fulfilling experience I recommend to all my friends and family interested in getting to know the Armenian nature, culture and its people!

Alexei, Russia on 02.07.2016

Kate and William, New Zealand - 09.07.2016

It is a great project and I enjoyed the fact that I could combine both hiking and some cultural tours. The local guides were telling me a story of their local monasteries, not lecturing me. Thank you very much for the wonderful day I spent in Armenia.
Excellent guiding – Azganush is very friendly and knowledgeable. Her English skills are good. It is a wonderful initiative. Keep up the good work, Alaverdi guides! We will certainly recommend it to other tourists.

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