Who are we?
Alaverdi Guides are a group of local tour and hiking guides who want to make a difference, both for you and their local community.
  1. Inside the Cathedral at Sanahin
    Inside the Cathedral at Sanahin
  2. Our guides mapping a new hike
    Our guides mapping a new hike
  3. The summer gavit at Sanahin
    The summer gavit at Sanahin
  4. Enjoying the views of Haghpat
    Enjoying the views of Haghpat
  5. Sayat Nova at Haghpat
    Sayat Nova at Haghpat
  6. Taking a rest on the steps at Haghpat
    Taking a rest on the steps at Haghpat
  7. Walking in the footsteps of medieval monks
    Walking in the footsteps of medieval monks
  8. Enjoying the meadows at Sedvi
    Enjoying the meadows at Sedvi
What do we do?

We offer LOCAL tour guides and hiking guides to ensure visitors can experience the best Armenia has to offer in an entertaining and friendly way.

We are based at the Mikoyan Brothers Museum in the town of Alaverdi, Lori Region (Northern Armenia). We are happy to assist visitors with information about the region, things to see and do and welcome visitors at the museum, which as well as one of the best regional museums in Armenia, is also a tourist information centre which we operate. We will do our best to assist you in any questions you have and explain more about life in a regional Armenian town.

Our guides are passionate about their home and want to share their love and knowledge with you. We are sure if you use a local guide you will come away excited but also know that you are helping to change people's lives by giving them hope and opportunity. 

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More about real life and the local community

Visitors to Armenia usually see the development of Yerevan, but the regions suffer from lack of investment and economic progress. In our region, the main industries of copper and garment production in Soviet times have significantly reduced or finished. Young locals see little future in their home town and villages with no work opportunities.
We are trying to change it – show this is a region with some fabulous destinations and hikes, improve the quality of the information available, encourage locals to preserve and study the history of local sights, improve local language skills to include English and to improve the prospects of employment and income generation from local tourism activities.
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The LOOKING FORWARD Tourism Development Foundation

A Registered Armenian not for profit Foundation

We are supported by the LOOKING FORWARD tourism development Foundation, a charitable Armenian foundation formed to actively promote the development and commercial activities of LOCAL tourism in the Alaverdi region. It is a small Foundation with individual Sponsors who devote their time and money to getting us to a self-sufficient position. If you would like to know more about the Foundation, please contact us.
The Alaverdi English Centre offers free English lessons to locals who would like to improve their English language skills. In the past 4 years we have taught over 150 students aged from 10 to 65, mainly beginners and elementary, studying with us because they  understand the importance of knowing some English if they are to improve their life prospects.